S-100 Mishmash Computerô

These pages are dedicated to my development and test S-100 system. It has been put together from left over material fom other systems and scrapped things.

The chassis is an old broken Atari 2600 unit that I received a few years back. I took it apart and fitted a 4 slot S-100 motherboard and a 150W Switched power supply into it. 

An old Northstar Z80 board is the heart of the system and together with a 16Kbyte Econoram memory card it makes a very nice little computer system that allows me to plug in new board arrivals without having to fear braking my Altair or SOL-20 system.

Lately I have taken the system a little bit further and it now also sports a multi I/O card with dual UARTs, a 16-bit parallell port, an RTC and some sort of hard drive interface. To make it easier for me to debug unknown boards and to test functionality of boards I have also installed a Rom monitor on the CPU card which can talk to the NoIce debugger. This makes it super easy to write test code, download it and test the boards. It will also make it much easier for me when I decide to start up my Altair CPM project (whenever that will happen).

Here are som more images of my test system:

Mishmash computer shown from front

This image gives you an idea on how easy it is to access the front board to do probing and to change or replace devices on the board without having to remove it from the motherboard. The front board is one of my prototype boards in the maing.

Mishmash computer from rear

This image shows you the computer from the rear. The power supply is a 150W switched supply. The original specs said 5V and +-12V but a little tweaking on the output control loop made it supply 7.2V and +- 19V instead. Perfekt for an S-100 system of this type.

If you have any question you can always contact me.

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