My brains constantly thinks of ways to change and improve (eeh, improve ?!) my systems. This page lists some of the ideas that have made it past the brainstorming stage. Click to read more about them.


This is a complete development system for the A7800. The systems consists an advanced RAM based cartridge with 512Kbyte of SRAM and 512KByte of FLASH memory. The cartridge is capable of emulating all existing cartridge memory mapping schemes. It also adds a new memory mode with added banking capabilities to simplify memory management. The cartridge also has a USB interface for communicating with the host software.

The cartridge will be accompanied by a tool suite running on the PC. A high level debugger capable of downloading and debugging code in the target system. The debugger will be based around the cc65 C-compiler, Assembler and linker system.

A5200/A800 in an FPGA

This is one of the more unlikely projects that is keeping my mind occupied. I tend to work in short but efficiant bursts on this one. The target is to create VHDL code to be able to synthesize a complete system into an FPGA.

S-100 Mishmash computer

Rants about my S-100 projects on the Mishmash computer.

S-100 Good Morning Lab Board

When I started to mess around with my S-100 equipment I really wanted to have a lab board that was easy to use, came with the voltage regulators already on board and an easy way to wire wrap it using the roadrunner prototyping system. Of course there were no such boards available so I set out to try and make one of my own. Here's the result of that.

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