My computers

My collection of retro computers is definitly not big, but I keep pickning up stuff when I find them on flee markets and accationally I grab something I want on E-bay. Here's just a short list of them.

If you think that this looks lik a lot of stuff, I have an equal amount of spares and non categories and non tested equipment. But really, this is nothing compared to my girlfriend. She has more than 6000 plants in the our garden and she knows each and everyone of them by both their Swedish and their Latin name as well as all their characteristics. Now that's truly amazing =)

ZX80 A real gem. This is the first home computer I ever came in contact with. We used it in school to program simple games and even built a memory expansion unit to it. I was probably around 13-14 years old then.
ABC80 We had this computer in my school and we used it to create programs for a MC6800 development system. It was based on the Zilog Z80 running at 3 MHz and had 16 KB RAM, expandable to 32 K, and 16 KB ROM containing a fast semi-compiling BASIC interpreter. ABC 80 normally used a tape recorder for program and data storage, but could also be expanded to handle disk drives. Some sound effects could be produced by a Texas Instruments SN76477 sound chip which was connected to an 8-bit output port.The monitor was a black and white TV set modified for the purpose. I have two systems in good condition. I also have the expansion box and dual floppy disk drive system.
Acorn Electron A nice little computer with most of the things you needed on board. 32Kb of RAM was not really enough especially since this memory had to server as screen memory as well.
I was never a user of this computer but it is really neat with its slender look. The keys are awfull though as they seem to get stuck when you don't hit them straight down.
Acorn Atom A great computer with a somwhat strange Basic interpreter. It was very fast for its time and had a built in assembler for even higher speeds. Needed a tape recorder to store programs. This is the first computer I ever bought my self. It was purchased on the fall of 1980. I still have the receipt for it.
Atari 800 Now this one is not my original machine. I got this from the UK of ebay. The casing and keys are in mint condition and it really looks brand new. I remember my old 800 was very yellowed by the sun, but this one looks new. Later I have also purchased a brand new 810 diskdrive for it. Just recently I also received another 810 and a 850 serial interface. These were in terrible condition. Dirty and almost dark brown in color. But they will suffice as spares.
Atari 600XL

One of my collegues at work found out that I collected old computers and dropped this one of at my desk. It's a non working unit but I do believe that it's aunty Sally that has caved in. Will replace it when I get the inclination.
Atari 800XL I have 2 of them. I got them for 0.99 GBP + another 15 GBP in shipping. I just could not let that deal go to waist. They are in bad physical condition but both of them work. One has a broken space key but I will get to fixing that soon. This one is currently hooked up to my logic analyzer for analysis of the ANTIC and GTIA waverforms for my FPGA implementation.
Atari 800XE Same as 65XE, sold only in Eastern Europe. The case is really yellow though and it looks like crap.
Atari 65XE Got it from Ebay, No signs of yellowing and works OK.
Atari 130XE Replaced the 800XE unit I used as a development unit with this one. It will receive an internal myIDE interface attached to a Compact Flash Card. I also have a Freeze card connected to it.
Atari 1200XL This is my 1200XL unit. It is in great condition with almost no yellowing and the keys show very little usage. It is actually one of my favourites because of it's look.
Atari Portfolio This one is just to cool. A collegue of mine dug this one out from his girlfriends stuff and handed it over. It works flawlessly and  is in mint condition. I actually still use it sometimes during meetings. A great eye catcher...
Atari Falcon This is the most recent addition to the growing collection. This one will actually be actively used. I have installed a CT63 board and 512MByte of RAM + a 80GB harddisk in the original case.

(I sold this one to focus my collection on 8-bit computers)

VIC 20 Here's a nice little computer. This unit is completely unmodified but looks really old and yellow. I received a 16KByte expansion unit with it as well as a cassete player and a few games.
Commodore 64 Boxed brand new unit, which has never been used. The box shows a little wear but otherwise everything looks brand new.
Apple IIe Got this from eBay on a rather good deal. It was on elderly lady selling it after her husband passed away. She stated that it was broken in the ad but I bid anyway. When I got it i saw that it was in very good condition and after exchanging the power supply to a modern switched supply it started up right away.
Apple IIgs On of the local churches was selling of stuff from their inventory to get money for some charity purpose, can't remember what it was now. I got my unit for a few 100 SEK, it looks like crap though but with a little TLC I think it will look as new again. It works and I have installed a FLASH card in it to hold all my software. Quite neet.
Apple III I have worked a bit on my Apple III with great results. As it turns out it is painted with a very resiliant paint and after washing it thoroghly it actually looks very good.

First starting tests have failed so it needs to hardware analysis before I proceed any further. It will also be converted to a 240V maching with a new switched power supply.

Macintosh Classic Found this one on a local flee market. It was quite an amusing story. I noticed the Mac directly when we got to the market and asked the guy how much he wanted for it. 20 kr he said (aprox 2 EUR) but there are a lot of things missing like the keyboard and stuff. OK I did not want that so I left. But when we passed the table the next time there was another guy there and for some reason I asked him, and low and behold he just took out a box from under the table with keyboards, disks, mouses and a lot of accesories. So I bid 20 kr again and got it. Best part, it works perfectly. It is in excellent condition and is a real work of art.
Amiga 1200 Just got this from the lady that does the books for my company. Her soon has just left home and she was about to throw on the dump !!!!! It was a complete package with computer, 3 Wico sticks, monitor and about a zillion of diskettes. Anyway, the computer starts and the harddisk has checked out OK
SOL20 Now here's what a computer should look like. Sturdy wooden sides and 1.5 mm thick steel plates makes up the chassis. It's a tank. My computer does not work at the moment, but I have acquired an analysis board and will make an attempt on getting it up and running. The wooden sides were damaged when shipping the unit due to really poor packing and I have had to have them remade by a skilled carpenter. The multiplication button is missing from my unit so if anyone has one to spare please get in touch.
Altair 8800 These are my joy and pride computers. I have two of them. The first one I got is not the original computer made by MITS. Instead I purchased a new kit from Grant Stockly who makes them. Check out

The second one is an original unit which donated to me by mr. Jon Anderfeldt.


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Here's another gem from a Swedish manufacturer of early computers. The Jet80 is a terminal based CP/M computer powered by a 6MHz Z80 and with advanced networking capabilities. I bought this unit a few years ago brand new, but never tested and of course it does not work properly. I have debuged the unit and cam to the conclusion that the DRAM isn't working properly. But someday i will fix this.

My game consoles

Atari 2600 The original. Got this from ebay about a year ago packed with about 50-60 games. A number of the games are actually extremly fun to play and I can sit for hours. A lot of them are pretty crappy though. I never had one of these when they were popular. 
Found an extra unit on the flee market, a good old Darth Vader in perfect condition. It's amazing how these consoles last.
Atari 5200 Sooooo, fun. The whole family can actually sit a few hours a friday evening playing this. Me and wifey plays super breakout and my daughter is hooked on Jungle Hunt. I decided to invest in the 128-in-1 cartridge so now we have a much wider choice of game. My unit is upgraded with a 8bitdomain video board for a clearer picture.
Atari 7800 I actually have 4 of these, 3 PAL units and one NTSC unit. One of the PAL units has been dedicated as a lab rat. It's laying on my lab bench and to be frank it bears very little resemblance to the original. 128KRAM, Pokey, Ethernet and USB are just a few of the features this little bugger has. The NTSC unit is equipped with a CC2 , packed with all 7800 games and is placed in our bedroom. Nocturnal activities has a different meaning in our house ;-)
NES I have two of them, I don't know to much about these but the games are fun to play and they are 6502 based so they must be good.
Colecovision I have one real unit which works good and is equiped with the 8bitdomain BIOS/video upgrade. I have also tried out the FPGA implementation found on MikeJ's fpgaarcade website.
Intellivision I worked in our local video store one year promoting these units to their customers. At the time I never found their games exciting but it's a good addition to the collection.
G7000 I found this unit on the local flee market sitting on one of the tables. No one even looked at it, sitting there in its beautiful box. Got it for aprox 10 EUR. I actually really enjoy these games, simple and coloful. The unit was in completely mint condition, not one scratch and no wear at all. Good buy.

My Arcade Games

Tempest My absolute favourite in arcade games. I spent a fortune in the local bowling alley on one of these units. Now I have a setup of my own.
Taito F3 I have one main unit and 4 games. These will be used in a Jamma setup as soon as I get a Jamma cabinet inplace.

My Board Computers

uKim A kit put together by Vince Briel. I bought it as a kit and have assembled it myself. An extremely relaxing activity. I have also purchased the extra 32Kbyte of ram. The only thing that I have done with it so far is to play uChess on it. Great fun. 
ABD2 This is a 6502 computer designed and built by myself. It was designed to be a rack mounted computer easy to expand. I have ported the NoIce debugger monitor to it as well as having implemented NoIce debug support in the Dasm assembler for it. Debugging program is now a breeze. Simply download, place your breakpoints (directly in your heavily commented source code) and of you go =).
CMI 121E Here's another addition to the collection of board computers.

It's a Z80 based board with a Z80 SIO/0 device and a PIA 8255 as well as a 2KByte SRAM an 8-bit A/D converter, an RTC and space for 3 27C64 EPROM's.

It has the same basic dimensions as my own 6502 based board but the card edge connector hods I/O pins instead of bus signals. The bus signals (not all though) are placed on the 26-pin IDC connector instead. I'm guessing that it's only data and a chip enable signal and perhaps a few address lines.

There are no markings on the board to identify the manufacturer but the ID seems to be CMI 121E. If anyone has any information about this board I would really appreciate it.

If you have any question you can always contact me.

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