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My intentions with this site is simply to share my ideas, thoughts and any products that comes out of the experimenting that I do. Currently there is not much here but as time pass by you will certainly find more information.

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I bought my first Atari800 computer with 2 Atari810 diskdrives in 1982, which was a major upgrade from the Acorn Atom I had been using for a couple of years. Imagine having 2 diskdrives capable of randomly accessing all 85KBytes instead of constantly saving and loading from a tape cassette player. 

I remember even writing a database utility for the Atom that could read and write data to the tape, you just had to rewind the tape for each search in the database *hehe*, those were the days.

Anyway, the 800 was to me the answer to all prayers I had.

But the Acorn machine really tought me the basics on how computers work with all the nitty gritty details of bits and bytes, assembler instructions memory access times, baud rates, relays, transistors..... Come to think of it, if it hadn't been for the Acorn, I would probably not be in the business at all. So here's looking at you.

And Yes, I still have my old Acorn Atom computer, and yes it works.

I did however sell my Atari 800. Funny how it goes, I still remember the day and the woman that bought it for her kids to play with. I also remember thinking, "Phew, never thought anyone would by that piece of junk". So now the circle has closed.

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Added a few pages about my S-100 projects. Look here.

Finally some updates. Added a few computers under "My Computers"

Updated with new Arcade pages. Ne real news on other stuff as I been extremly busy running my company.

Finally some more updates to the FPGA page.

Updated the progress table for the RamCart

Updated the RamCart page and the FPGA page.

Did some more updates to the FPGA page.

Finally got around to working a bit on the 800 in an FPGA. Updates here.

Again did some updates to the RAMCart pages.

Did some updates to the RAMCart pages, check them out here.

I have had a few questions about shipping for the XBoard and I would like to inform that it is USD$10.00 world wide. Shipping is added to the cart at checkout time. If you live in Sweden it will be cheaper so contact me directly for more information.